Hi, my name is Brian Lundin, and I am a software developer, writer, storyteller, and geek living in Austin, Texas. I’m a technology strategist and developer at a leading hardware, software and services provider in Austin. Since graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Management Information Systems in 2001, I’ve worked as a developer, project manager and strategist, and more.

With experience in Ruby, Objective-C, JavaScript, C#, Java and more, I aspire to be a development polyglot, always seeking out new and interesting technologies. This blog, code.brianlundin.com, is my place on the web to write about code, technology, and general geekery.

I have a wide variety of interests outside of the tech world, especially writing and literature. I am passionate about Jesus, literature, writing, and telling stories of redemption in the lives of God’s people. I also blog about those topics and more at brianlundin.com. I am a partner at the Austin Stone Community Church, and lead the writing team for the Austin Stone Story Team along with my wife Lindsey.